Sani Bin Services - Technical Specifications

As a hygienic facility for the convenient and discreet disposal of sanitary napkins, our specially designed bins bring you a host of benefits:

  • Eliminates blocked pipes that lead to unnecessary costly plumbing repairs.
  • Special chemicals inhibit bacteria growth.
  • Prevents cross-infection and kills malodour in your washroom
  • Our dedicated service team will see to the disposal and maintenance services to ensure a hygienic and pleasant environment at all times.
  • Puts you one up on customer service with your thoughtfulness and concern for women patrons.
  • Underlines your care for staff and customers and promotes patronage of your premises.

Aesthetic & Hygienic Concept

Practical features of our sanitary unit include:

  • Stylish, slim and free standing for easy fit into any toilet cubicle.
  • Attractive blue/grey colour scheme that blends with any décor.
  • Durable plastic construction.
  • Bi-fold lid secures contents and ensures maximum discretion.
  • Requires no power, has no mechanical parts to break down and will not malfunction.
  • Large 22 litres capacity.
  • Fully sterilized and chemically charged with a non-toxic anti-microbial agent effective against HTLV III (AIDS), Herpes Simplex Type II, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and other harmful organism.


Cost-Effective Service Plan

Our Sanitary Disposal Service is packaged in a flexible, comprehensive yet cost-effective plan. Flexible enough to tailor for every budget and requirement and comprehensive enough to include:

  • Free installation of Sanicare Sanitary Bins.
  • Flexible collection arrangement, regular disposal and maintenance by our fully-trained and dedicated Service Team
  • Assurance that our waste management procedures comply with legislation.
  • Free emergency call out within 24 hours response time.

Good Enough For You Is Not Good Enough For Us

Know the difference. Good Enough for you is NOT Good Enough for us. Every used Sanicare Bin is transported to our processing plant at the agreed frequency to give you the best standards in the hygienic disposal of sanitary napkins.

Every Sanicare Sanitary Unit is sterilised with a non toxic broad-spectrum, super fast surface anti-microbial killer with a proven 30-day anti-microbial residual effectiveness. Lifting the lid when disposing sanitary napkins or  skin contact with any part of the Sanicare Sanitary Unit will not cause any cross infection of microbial organism.

Apart from providing you with cubicle door stickers, instructions stickers in 4 languages and wall stickers, we also place a sticker with the installation date printed on it to allow you to check whether the units were installed and serviced at the agreed frequencies.
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